At the disposal of business people and investors remain the institutions supporting the enterprise:  Konin Chamber Of Commerce, Regional Development Agency JSC and a dozen or more branches of banks and insurance companies, legal offices, real estate agencies and others.

Institutions of business background in Konin
Konin Chamber Of Commerce Zakładowa 11 Street tel. (48 63) 245 88 00
Regional Development Agency Zakładowa 4 Street tel. (48 63) 245 30 95
CECH of Different Crafts 3-go Maja 48 Street tel. (48 63) 246 70 72
Technical Top Organization Przemysłowa 3d Street, 17 tel. (48 63) 242 97 36

With the thought of BUSINESSPEOPLE

Konin region is a large and ready market and an attractive place of the local and regional personnel development. The labour market in Konin characterizes good theoretical and practical preparation to work, good knowledge of foreign languages and the wish of employees to continuous rising professional qualifications.

Programs of the professional creation

  • Professional trainings ,
  • Interventionist works,
  • Public works,
  • Social works,
  • Trainings,
  • Training grants for employed staff,
  • Professional practices ,
  • Support for employing handicapped persons.

The city supports businesspeople creating new workplaces. Suitable resolutions define rules of help. Businesspeople can count on relief in taxes and local charges and the support of the municipal administration. The access to well educated personnel, is a trump which places our region as very attractive investment place.

There are many colleges  in the city, such as State-Training College and branches of academies -  Economic Academy from Poznań, the Nicolas Copernicus University from Toruń, the Engineering College from Poznań, the Higher Commercial School from Łódź, the Economic – Humanistic College from Łódź, and the Theological Department of Warsaw’s University.

The housing market is dynamically developing. Every Year the number of handed out new flats increases. The leading part is done by the Municipal Company of the Social Building which gives tenants to use flats for rent and sale.

Konin is also the region’s centre of medical services. The Regional Hospital is one of greatest hospital-objects in the region. It renders specialist health services in the range of prophylaxis, the improvement of health and diagnostics. Besides, on the ground of the city, work over 60 Outpatient Health Clinics.