Konin is indebted to heavy industry for its previous dynamic economical development. It is thanks to the city deposits of lignite, found in the region in the sixties, that the construction of a power energy complex began. In spite of being the prevailing part, the power-energy section did not determine itself as a hindrance for the development of other branches of industry. Now Konin is a significant centre of the power industry, both in the province and the country, (Power Station Pątnów - Adamów – Konin S.A.), metal-machine industry (FUGO S.A) and aluminium processors ( Impexmetal S.A.), agricultural – food company (VIN-KON S.A.), building materials industry (KPB S.A., Franspol ltd.). Intensive development of the city and the inhabitants’ spirit of enterprise contributed considerably to creating new workplaces and the significant reduction of the unemployment rate. The section of small and medium size companies is also very successful on Konin’s economic market. The most companies in this sector is from the building sector. In Konin there are more than 8030 companies, in which more than 7830 are persons lead their own private companies and 652 are the companies subject to commercial law. In the Konin region the economic activity is also led by 111 companies with foreign capital shares, the biggest are: Roland International Polska Sp. z o.o., Express Polska, Agtos Polska Sp. z o.o., PRADERA KONIN Sp. z o.o. At businessmen and investors disposal remain institutions supporting the initiative, (Konin Chamber of Commerce, Regional Development Agency S.A, Guildhall of Various Crafts) many banks and insurance companies, legal offices, real estate offices and many others. Local businessmen interested with different forms of cooperation look forward to investors bringing in capital, new technologies and organizational solutions. Konin authorities are working towards further economic development in the city for example, giving tax exemption on property. Its aim is to partially make up for carried out costs of the investment for creation of new workplaces.

Giving grants depends on the number of created workplaces and amount of invested capital and assumes that the investor can obtain tax exemption on the property in some cases up to 10 years. An additional asset of the Konin region is the Wielkopolska Logistic Centre Konin- Stare Miasto S.A., which offers grounds for an intensive location of capital with infrastructure prepared for the needs of logistic firms, importers distributing all over the country and centres involved in the distributive network supply. What confirms the economic activity and the investment desirability of the city is the high position of the city of Konin in different versions of rankings concerning the functioning of Gmina (commune). Konin is placed in the 4th place in the “Golden Twelve Cities” in respect to gaining extra budget-resources on investments, and evidence of this is the procurement, by the city, of 75% of refinancing from resources of the Sectoral Operating Program „Transport” for the construction of bridge over Warta river worth over 200 millions PLN. This 6,5 km section of national road No. 25 along with the bridge was brought into use in December 2007 and took over the significant strain of the existing traffic on the road north - south and created a convenient access to new investment-grounds in the region of the highway A2 and the Northern city districts. The construction of the second bridge is one of greatest investments in the history of the city. Furthermore the city of Konin received refinancing from EU for other large infrastructural investments that have influenced economic development significantly.