Protection of Environment

In Konin, major importance is given to matters connected with environmental protection. A new municipal sorting plant was built and works were undertaken aiming at the full adaptation of a now functioning communal waste dump in line with current regulations. On a separated part of the waste dump is an organic waste dump. There are 979 containers spaced out forming almost 367 ecological groups enabling inhabitant’s selective waste management of: paper, glass and plastics. Additionally at four housing estates housing 7400 households 10 litre-containers for collecting of bio-waste material are placed. On these housing estates there are also 100 points for the cumulative collecting of bio-waste material. A system of “three bags” for the selection of waste material was implemented on housing estates with private houses. In accordance with these projects almost 5.000 thousand of the estates get a set of 3 bags. Additionally four housing estates were equipped with complete sets of containers for collecting bio-waste materials. The action targets the obtainment of the indispensable component to the production of the compost. In 13 pharmacies out-of-date medicine is collected from inhabitants. For ensuring a proper waste and sewage management system on Konin’s territory, a very modern wastewater treatment plant was put into service in 2001, on the Warta River bank. After modernization the reduction of the concentration of impurities in sewage deposited into the Warta River complied with legal requirements. The limitation of impurities and the improvement of the state of air in the city is done by the modernization of the road network, (the realization of the bridge over the Warta river in radically caused the limitation of the intensity of vehicle traffic in the city center), and also a gradual exchange of municipal communication, and indirectly, through investments consisting of thermo-modernization of buildings (insulation of buildings, the exchange of windows, the reconstruction of thermal centre, the installation of thermostats). The city of Konin, because of its successes in environmental protection, won the first prize in the edition of the Great Contest of the National Fund of Environmental Protection and Water Management entitled „Our Commune in Europe”, it also was a prizewinner of the 5th edition of the Environmentally Friendly Ecological Contest under the patronage of the President of the Republic of Poland, Aleksander Kwaśniewski, wherein the city was entitled „Environmentally Friendly Commune”. In the year 2005 in the 7th edition of the contest the city received a prize in the category „the Promotor of the Ecology”, and in the year 2006 in 8th edition was acknowledged with a special European Certificate of Ecological Standardization, in 2007r. Konin received the title of Mecaenas of the Polish Ecology.