Konin belongs to a group of the safest cities in Poland. In 1995, the program “Safe City” was implemented, which was based on cooperation of the local government with the regional Police Headquarters. Three years later, an intensifying of the preventive actions was decided upon aiming to improving the level of safety. The result of it is the creation in 2000 was the City Safety System. Its function is based on an integrated operation of the Police, the Fire Brigade, sanitary and veterinary service, building supervision and social welfare with the local self-government. The realization of the system brings measurable advantages. Many innovative ideas have been used. Within the framework of the City Safety System “safe zones” were created amongst and others. Places which are especially dangerous were monitored with intensive operating acts by the Police and City Guard (Straż Miejska).

For the purpose of guaranteeing still greater safety and minimizing criminal acts, the monitoring system was stared in the most neuralgic points of the city. As the result of cooperation between city authorities and the Police, eight of the most dangerous points in the city were chosen and now they are subject to total control, 24 hours a day. The whole system is administered by the City Guard and whose work is completely coordinated with the work of the Police. A hot line between the institutions guarantees immediate actions of the police patrols. Moreover, the alarm phone number 112 was opened which helps to coordinate emergency services operations.

Alarm Telephone Numbers:
Ambulance Service: 999
Police: 997
Fire Brigade: 998
Alarm Line: 112
City Guard: 986