Traditions connected with the city’s culture life are established by: The Municipal Public Library, Konin Community Centre (KDK), The Centre of Culture and Art, Youth Community Centre, “Oskard” Community Center, Cultural associations and numerous artistic organisations offering participation in various events and projects. These institutions are also entertainment agencies presenting important people and spectacles. They organize cultural performances of regional, national and international standing, provide substantial, organizational and logistic support to other organizations. They lead cultural work. On the stage of KDK spectacles of their own productions are performed by the children and youths participating in artistic classes. Amongst others musical concerts, theatre spectacles, word-musical montages, dancing spectacles or musicals (among others  „the Memories from METRO”, „In the honour to the Pope”, „Storm in the Gogo theatre”, „Bolero”, „Meeting fairy-tale” or „The Hunchback of Notre-Dame” presented in German Herne, 2004). The Song and Dance Group „Konin” present folklore of different regions of Poland. They also realize documentaries and feature films which have been awarded during many recognized film festivals in Poland and abroad, including „Chinese village” – a documentary about a film, „Statyści” (“Extras”) directed by M. Kwieciński, „Koniec wieńczy dzieło” („The End Crowns the Work) or „Męki dorastania”(„Torments of Growing Up”). The city’s cultural activity is supported by numerous cultural societies like: Konin Music Assosiation, the Society of Friends of Konin, publishers, regional newspapers, local radio-broadcasting stations, TV stations, and internet portals. An important part in the cultural life of the city is performed by: The Community Centre „Oskard”, the “Energetyk” Club, KDK and the Centre of Culture and Art, and also the Regional Museum. Artists have the possibility of presenting their own achievements in private galleries „Giotto” and „Łaźnia” „Wieża Ciśnień” which is a part of the Centre of Culture and Art. There are also numerous artistic workshops. The Music State-School of I and II degree of Ignatius J. Paderewski in Konin is an organizer of important cultural events, first and foremost  it educates  children and young people with musical talents. The most important events taking place in the city have international and national prestige: The International Children Song and Dance Festival, National Contemporary Dance Contests, Polish Feature Film Festival „Debuts”, National Amateur Film Festival, National Contest of Classical Guitar, National Pianist Contest for Music Schools, National Poetry Recital for “the Award of the Mile Stone”. Konin can also be proud of the fact that in Konin was born and raised one of the world’s famous composers, the winner of an Academy Award - Jan A.P. Kaczmarek.