The Konin Region

Geographical, communication, location – areas of the lawfully protected environment, historic monuments and numerous lakes create the possibility of rest by the water; it also determines a big tourist desirabilityfor the Konin administrative district. Large forests- situated next to the lakes, rich fauna and flora found seldom anywhere elsewhere, met species of plants and animals decide about wonderful values of the nature in these areas. Special attention is due, in the north of the Gopło lake administrative district, Tysiąclecia (Millennium) Park. Not far from the Gosławski Lake, on the verge of the Kazimierz Wilderness are found floristic reservations: „Mielno”, „Sokółki”, „Bieniszew” and „Pustelnik”, bracing areas kept in a natural state or changed very little, where ecosystems, mainstays and natural habitations are the subject of protection. Another highlight is the valley of the Warta River, where a marvelous wealth of fauna and flora spreads over the Warta Landscape Park.

Wandering around the Konin area a tourist without great effort, can find the traces of history. Because the establishment of many local country towns and villages, reaches the time of the formation of the Polish State. One of more interesting places is the early-mediaeval Skansen (cone-shaped castle) from 13th till 14th century in the village Mrówki in Wilczyn commune. Worth seeing is also the eternal palace from 18th century – the former Episcopal residence – in Ciążeń. House of Creative Work is located in the palace at present and a branch of the Library of Adam Mickiewicz University in Poznań. An impressive collection of Masonic literature has been gathered there. Within the area of Warta Landscape Park within 20km of Konin a pearl of European architecture can be found – the post Cistercian monastic complex in Ląd. Worth attention among other things is the monastic complex of Cameldolite from XVIII in Bieniszew and the church from XII century, and the post Bernardine monastic complex from XVI century in Kazimierz Biskupi. Monuments of the architecture can be found in sacral objects including: Rzgów, Skulsk, Wilczyn, Rychwał, Stare Miasto and Kleczew. Huge interest is given to the Sanctuary of the Virgin Mary in Licheń in Ślesin commune which is one of the greatest objects of this type in the world. It is visited by almost 2 million pilgrims every year.

Amateurs of water sports have at their disposal lakes forming splendid water routes. Leisure centers located within the area offer full services to different standards. Lakes around Konin, due to its position (near heat and power generating plants carry away through its canal system warm water, which raises the temperature about approx. 3°C) make the area very attractive for fisherman all year round. Because of the superb conditions on water, one can find fans of motor boating, windsurfing, diving and the sailing. In addition there is also a water route for tourists ships and this form of relaxation is appreciated by a large group of tourists. The great number of large, gutter lakes, system of canals, and the mucilage enable the organization of a few days’, canoe- or sailing escapades. The Mikorzyn Lake together with Wąsowskie and Ślesinskie create the water route, and running north through the Czarny Lake and Ślesin Canal leads through the Gopło waters directly to Kruszwica. However, from the Mikorzyn Lake to the south you can, through the Pątnów Lake and Channel Morzysławski sail to the city of Konin. The group of lakes around Wilczyn also has many admirers.